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Terms and Conditions

Precautions for spot stock:

1. Only accept reserved stock transactions that have been placed.

2. Due to limited space in store, after the transaction is confirmed, the settlement must be completed within 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

3. The deposit is 30% of the product price,not less than HK$1000.


Precautions for purchasing goods:

1. If purchasing designated goods in Europe,50% of the price of the goods must be paid as a deposit (not less than HKD$1000)for confirmation.

2. The delivery must be completed within 30 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) after the goods arrive at the port, otherwise it will be deemed as a waiver and the deposit will not be refunded (negotiable in special circumstances).

3. After receiving the deposit, we will help customer尸 find the goods, and do not accept midway cancellation. If we fail to purchase the specified goods in 14 days, the deposit will be refunded within 7 working days.